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a home isn’t really a home unless you have some art – or photography – up on the walls, is it? we’ve lived here 4 years now, and i can’t believe we didn’t put anything up for a good few months. i would love a wall with lots of framed pictures up one day, but i don’t think most landlords would be keen so that’d best wait until (if) we buy a place of our own.

anyway, daydream over …i was recently contacted by eframe asking if i wanted to review something. always looking to make this place i little better i chose an a3 frame and a multi frame one that i put some of my house industries postcards in and i think it looks awesome! i was worried the postcards would slip loose but they’ve stayed strong inside.

black frame
kate bishop screenprint
incase you’re wondering why these are on the floor, we were planning to move about the time these arrived so i didn’t want to make even more holes in the walls, but it didn’t work out so they’re hanging up now!

the frame above is a an a3 custom frame. they are handmade in the UK and are of fantastic quality and i’d definitely recommend one to anyone looking for something of a higher quality than a ready made one. saying that, these are both great quality and very classic/modern looking. i love that they offer different colours and finishes too ..i was tempted by a red one but opted for a more neutral black incase i wanted to change what image i have inside.

oh, and by the way, the print inside is from kate baxter.

* these frames were sent to me to review, as always all words are my own.

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