winter coat wishlist

i’m a firm believer that, even in winter, if you love colour you should keep wearing colour all year round. my favourite coat that i’ve had for a good few years now is bright fuchsia pink and i love it. i know that bright shade of pink isn’t for everyone but i have no shame and want to share my love for colour all year round!

like most people, i do like to have a couple of coat choices whether that’s for different moods, clothes or occasions. so i thought i’d put together a wishlist of a few coats and jackets that i have my eye on, or that will serve as inspiration for something i’d like next year. this time of year is quite good to buy coats actually, as they’re often on sale and although you’ll still be putting out some money, you can get some real bargains if you know where to look and/or have gift vouchers and discount codes.

are you a colour lover that likes colourful coats too, or do you prefer darker colours? or, are you normally into all black everything but love colourful coats? this is information i need to know.

pink collared coat – i need a softer pink counterpart to my fuchsia coat right? also enjoying the buttonless front and fluffy collar.

yellow cape – i mean’s a yellow cape, i don’t need to say any more right?

turquoise wool coat – turquoise with a 60’s silhouette? please and thank you. i’m a bit fussy about collarless coats but this one is lovely.

levi’s navy peacoat – i don’t often go for darker coats but i’m a little in love with this navy levi’s number. the contrasting white collar really sets it apart.

biba abstract leopard coat – this is quite a special coat isn’t it? it’s fancy and a bit out there without being too crazy.

mint patterned coat – i can’t really wear long coats as i’m short (this one would probably go down to my ankles!) but if i was taller i would totally wear this lovely minty number.

disclosure: in association with HoF – as always, all words (& love of colourful coats) my own.

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  • Reply Katrina Sophia 02/01/2017 at 21:53

    I got a lovely red duffel coat from M&S on the other day. Lovely colour and design (it has a hood!) but the quality is so- so for its price. Trying not to be too disappointed about it but I would love to find a better quality coat for this year or next year.

    Katrina Sophia

    • Reply laura redburn 16/01/2017 at 09:27

      Ah, I used to have a red, hooded Laura Ashley duffel coat many years ago and I loved it. I agree, it is a bit disappointing when the quality doesn’t quite measure up.

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