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where's warhol - book review

where’s warhol? £9.95

where’s warhol* is (obviously) a book based on the classic ‘where’s wally’. warhol has travelled through time to visit art and artist throughout history. this isn’t just any old hide and seek book though – as well as trying to find platinum haired warhol sneakily hidden you can also discover and recognise many, many others from art history.

this book is a collaboration between catherine ingham who is an art historian, and andrew rae who must have had an incredible amount of patience in illustrating this. so worth it though!

where's warhol intro page

where's warhol - book review - scene in pompeii

some of the scenes included are: pompeii, the garden of artistic delights, basquiat at the washington square park, and more. in total there’s 12 scenes, which, added in with discovering other characters can fill in lots of time.

in the back of the book is an index of sorts, identifying many of the other characters, and detailing some factoids about them. ironically (or not?) there’s so many people i’d have missed if they’d not been pointed out.

where's warhol - book review - scene with frida kahlo

where's warhol - basquiat at washington square park

where's warhol - book review - index of characters

fun and educational for adults and children alike, this book is sure to keep you entertained. it doesn’t take too long to find warhol in each scene, but where the real fun lies (for me, anyhow) is trying to name all the other historic and recent characters, reading more about them, and marvelling at how intricate and colourful to look at. you don’t have to even be a warhol fan, but if you’re interested in or want to learn a little art history i can guarantee you’ll enjoy this.

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