where are all the men?

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something i touched upon recently, but something i’ve actually been thinking about for a while is ..where are all the men bloggers? i KNOW there are some amazing ones out there, there absolutely has to be. fashion and lifestyle blogging seems to be dominated by women (yay women!) but it’s good to have an equal and more diverse blogging world, isn’t it?

blogs written by males don’t seem as publicised or generally talked about as those of us ladies, so, i thought i’d show you a couple i’m a fan of and if you’re a male blogger (fashion or not) i would love to hear from you! i want to share the love. also it may or may not be obvious after this, but i am a lifelong adorer of facial hair. and suits.

menswear blogger, garconjon
jonathan daniel pryce aka garçonjon is the blogger at garconjon.com. his blog focuses on mens style, particularly in a street style sort of manner.

photo from photographer backyard bill blog
(photos of brandon harman from new york)

backyard bill is a photographer from brooklyn, who started taking photos of people in his back yard, then that led on to photographing people in their own spaces.

karlmond tang of mr boy
karlmond tang aka mr boy is a personal style blogger from london. he blogs mostly about what he wears, but does also show other fashion and menswear posts.

matthew zorpas of the gentleman blogger
matthew zorpas aka the gentleman blogger writes mostly about his personal style, and various things he gets up to, such as travels and photoshoots he’s involved in.

self portrait of illustrator jack hughes
and as a bonus entry, illustrator extraordinaire jack hughes. he is clearly an admirer of menswear and he blogs about his illustrations.

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