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what’s on? | new collage

another collage for fritha! this time for a post on what she’s been watching lately.

as i’ve not made much personal work lately, i think making collages for things like this are a good way to have a little play around with slightly different styles and experiment a bit. i like trying new things, or expanding on things i’ve tried before and attempting to add a little more depth and character to my style.

i feel (mostly from what others have said) that i seem to have a recognisable style to my work, but also that i have a fear of becoming stagnant. which is ironic given my creative spark is at an all time low, and any level of prolific-ness is so far out of the window that it is practically in another universe. what i mean to say is i want people to recognise my work as mine, but don’t want it to always look the same, or like what others seem to be doing. does that make sense?

it’s a tough line to walk on isn’t it? i suppose all it really takes is to keep on trying, to believe in yourself and to keep being you.


looking for a collage for your website, blog, newsletter, publication or something else? or some collage based graphics for blog posts and articles? then i’m your gal. you can get in touch via email to discuss.

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