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what’s on my desk (part 2)

dell desktop computer - what's on my desk

i wanted to do an update of sorts on my previous ‘what’s on my desk‘ post as it’s changed quite a bit since then. mostly, that i’ve gotten a desktop computer. first one in over 1o years! and that i finally have a proper, comfortable chair.

i feel like my workspace in general, specifically this desk, changes quite a bit. i like to think of it as a work in progress. there’s no plants on there now, but there’s so many around me it doesn’t matter. always going to be colourful though, no matter what.

as i said, the main change is the computer (a dell 9020 and dell p2210 monitor). it’s quite a wide monitor, but other than that it doesn’t take up much space. i move it back when i need more room for collaging or doing other things. i decided to go down the bluetooth route for the accessories (speaker, keyboard, mouse) to keep wire clutter to a minimum. i also use the windows 10 remote desktop app when i want to use my surface pro 4 in conjunction with this, which is pretty nifty.

keyboard and mint coloured mouse - what's on my desk

personal trinkets and storage - what's on my desk

pink anker bluetooth speaker - what's on my desk

other than that there’s a bit of storage in the form of a mini heart suitcase from flying tiger, my inspiration board behind the computer, and a couple of trinkets scattered around. i have to give a mention to this fantastic anker speaker. for something so small, it’s actually really pretty good and the battery lasts ages. nice to have proper sound, because the sound from the monitor is pretty rubbish. the size is perfect for a small(ish) desk too. and …of course i opted for pink.

white desk chair - what's on my desk

books underneath desk - what's on my desk

chair and colourful rug - what's on my desk

my white desk chair is from cult furniture. wish i could afford a proper eames DAW, but this will certainly do until then. it feels sturdy and weighty and like it will last a good while. it’s comfortable as is, but i use a cushion on the seat and behind – especially when i’m sat there for a few hours.

underneath the desk is some of my ‘big books’ – the ones that don’t fit anywhere else. definitely need another bookshelf. but it’s handy to have inspiration at such close reach. the yellow drawer in the desk houses scissors, a couple of external hard drives, business cards, notebooks and other random bits like that. also chocolate. always chocolate.

for your ease, if you want to buy or browse anything in this post, i’ll list them below. anything not listed and you want to know a source? just ask!

desk – kit out my office (℅)
chair – cult furniture
cushions – wayfair
computer – ebay
speaker – amazon
mouse – amazon
keyboard/cover – amazon/amazon
heart shaped suitcase – flying tiger
rug – wayfair

do you prefer your desk space to be minimal and uncluttered? is it a bit of a dumping ground for paper and other bits? or a happy space in between? as you can see, i prefer to (try to) keep mine relatively tidy. can never resist a few personal pieces and some colour though!

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