what makes you, you?

i’m a firm believer in being yourself regardless of whether there is peer pressure or not. of course, if this endangers you in some way i hope you can be safe, or have a support network of understanding people that want you to be you. i don’t have a huge amount to celebrate about my childhood, but i thank my (formerly rebellious punk) dad for instilling a strong sense of self in me, and my past experiences (both bad and good) for making me who i am.

but on a more general level, i feel like you can’t truly be yourself if you conform to what society wants. sometimes it just so happens that what you genuinely like and enjoy crosses over with the majority and there is no shame in that – i can’t stand when people bash others because they like being trendy. it may not be for you (and it most certainly isn’t for me) but just let people be, and if they want to, they will develop in their own time.

even outside of the majority, even in more alternative circles, there will still be a given look or way of thinking. it’s just human nature, and you can’t avoid it. no matter how unique you think you or someone else is, there will always be another person out there that thinks, looks, or feels the same. if you can find ‘your people’, your ‘tribe’, then that is fantastic. community is a powerful thing.

etsy have had a recent campaign called #differencemakesus, which is all about sharing what makes you, you and the creative spin that makers – and buyers – put on things. difference and uniqueness makes you who you are. your experience and tastes make up your personality and who you are at your essence.

from history (and just plain logic and thought) we know that there are many humans out there that seem to have a cold dark hard and are bent on destruction both on physical, mental and emotional terms. but there are so, so, SO many amazing people out there. that are kind and warm, that will help the people around them and their wider community too. people that want to change the world for the better, whether that be by spreading a little colour and inspiration, making items that are practical and good looking, to those that help towards curing diseases and helping reduce the effects of climate change.

it all requires creativity, a simple idea or an incredibly complex one. the things that make you who you are important, and here’s to hoping that we keep celebrating our uniqueness and making the world a better place.

wildflower cards from galabeerandthedog | yellow bag from jalaldesigns | geometric magnets from snug studio | cat pin from hello harriet | ladybird pin from portobello vintage | cymk pin from hand over your fairy cakes | bird and cat postcards from essi kimpimäki | bird collage bits from pulp romance

disclaimer: though all items were bought with a gift card provided by etsy, all choices are strictly my own, and i wasn’t asked to write this post – just wanted to share the love a bit.

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