what i wore – turquoise top & pencil skirt

succulent brooch
i love the colour of this top so much. i still remember when i found it and hoped it would fit (it was in the childs section for some reason) and was happy to discover that it did! ..that was years ago though, and at the time i was really underweight, but even now it still fits me well because of the loose fit. normally i tuck it in unless i’m wearing it with jeans, but it’s too humid for that today! ugh, humidity sucks doesn’t it.

self portrait
turquoise top and pencil skirt
turquoise top
as much as i love a nice full skirt or a loose flowy midi skirt, the pencil skirt will always be my go to. it pretty much goes with everything and because of the elasticated material i can make it a couple inches shorter if i need to – no hemming required! talking of hemming though, i’d love to make some clothes for myself one day. can anyone recommend any dressmaking courses in or around cardiff?

top // charity shop
skirt // river island
brooch // not available anymore but her flowers in a teacup brooch is super pretty!

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