what i wore – royal blue 60’s style dress

i thought i’d go for a completely different look for these photos. it’s nice to experiment once in a while isn’t it? these are meant to have a kind of expired polaroid look, despite obviously having been taken with a digital camera.

since beginning this blog (properly) at the beginning of march last year, i have improved my photography so much, but i always want to improve further, and be more experimental with photo taking. now that i’m a bit more confident infront of the camera, i’d like to try different poses and such too. i’d love to take outfit photos outside more but i still feel weird taking photos of myself, by myself when there’s passers by. someone come join me? haha.

i’d love to take photos for other people too! i love doing that. maybe i should make it a goal this year to meet up with some people and get photo taking. anyone interested?

by the way, this is the best dress ever. i love the rich royal blue colour, the detailing ..and the fit is perfect! the quality is amazing too, it really feels substantial and like it will last a long, long time. i hope to be wearing it many years from now.

this dress is aptly named ‘i was made for you’ and it really was! it’s originally from dear creatures, and oh my it is a dream. i will definitely be buying from both dear creatures and rivers and roads in the future. swoon!

dress // ℅ rivers and roads
necklace // oh my clumsy heart
nail paint // barry m

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