what i wore – polka dot top & fish bag

fish bag
my polka dot obsession continues! well, i’ve had this top for ages actually, but you get me. i can never decide whether i love polka dots or stripes more. i definitely have quite an abundance of striped tops, but i find polka dots are a bit more versatile when it comes to other items of clothing. polka dot dresses are too cute.

anyway! this bag. this weird and wonderful little fish bag. i have no idea where it’s originally from, but i found it in a charity shop (where else?) years ago and i got a bit too excited when i saw it. i love an unusual but practical item and this little fishy is just that. i can’t fit much in it other than my purse, keys and phone, but that’s no big deal when something is that cute, right?

spotty top & fish bag (side)
spotty top full length
looking at this photo makes me realise that this length and style of skirt definitely makes me look shorter/cut off if i’m not wearing it with a plain top of the same colour. i’ve dresses this length with a full skirt that look good because they’re a uniform colour or pattern, but seeing this just looks ‘off’ to me proportionately.

speaking of flattering lengths/styles, i really want this ridiculously cute dress (not that i can buy it any time soon) but i’m unsure if it’d suit me. do any ladies with a similar figure to mine have that dress, or one like it? give me your opinions!

top // charity shop (via george by asda)
bag// charity shop
skirt// debenhams (similar)
shoes // primark

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