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what i wore – polka dot dress & vintage bag

globe brooch
i promise you, i do wear clothes that don’t have polka dots on! but ..yeah i do wear polka dotted clothes a lot. i also wear brooches a lot and this globe one by kate rowlands is one of my faves! i bought it some time at near the end of last year, i think. i don’t really know why but i kind of have a ‘thing’ for globes, so to have one in brooch form is ace.

i decided to go make up free today (apart from a dash of skin tone-ish pink lipstick) because my hayfever is going crazy today and who wants to have panda eyes out in public? sneezing and puffy eyes is enough as it is, right? talking of, i really need some prescription sunglasses. blurry on top of puffy is not good. my dry skin is still miraculously almost at bay though. i haven’t been (alomost) clear skinned for this long for ages! gotta take the good where you can get it.

polka dot dress and vintage leather bag
polka dot dress
vintage bag
despite still having a bit of baggy under arm-age going on, i am still proud of myself for being able to bare my arms. i know it sounds so silly in the grand scheme of things but i used to hate my upper arms and would never ever have them uncovered – in public or at home – no matter how hot i was. i still feel a bit self concious, but yay for (slow) progress!

dress // oasis via charity shop
brooch // kate rowlands – not available but i LOVE her cherry pie brooch. huge twin peaks fan (obsessive) here.
bag // vintage via charity shop

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