what i wore – crystal castles tshirt & lace pencil skirt

i very rarely wear tshirts (well, what would be considered a ordinary tshirt) and i only have about 3. i’ve just always preferred longer sleeved tops, blouses and such. i find most tshirts look really unflattering on me too, and are nearly always improved by tucking into a skirt, like here.

detail of crystal castles tshirt and lace skirt
this is definitely my most worn one, i’ve had it about ..a bit over 5 years i think, and though i don’t wear it regularly, it’s my go to when i feel like wearing a tshirt rather than blouse. i think part of the reason i like it so much is the texture on the front.

wearing wet n wild purty persimmon lipstick
detail of crystal castles tshirt
crystal castles tshirt outfit post
i hadn’t tucked it in here, and i feel it just makes me look shapeless! i think because i’m short i find (personally anyway) that clothes that fit my figure look SO much better on me, probably the only exception being smock dresses. i need more smock dresses in my life!

you may (or may not) have noticed i cut my fringe back in. i just didn’t feel ‘me’ without it! i’ve had a fringe like this – be it at differing lengths – for so many years now it just feels wrong to not have this style of fringe. but hey, i tried! it was almost to the bottom of my nose. i cut it a bit longer than usual too, just for a change.

detail of black lace skirt

wearing crystal castles tshirt and lace skirt
tshirt – crystal castles
skirt // oasis (very similar)

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