what i wore – coral orange top & black jeans

i only have one pair of jeans, and to be honest i don’t wear them all too often, but sometimes they feel like just the right thing to wear. i’m definitely a dresses and skirts kinda lady, but i have been searching for the perfect pair of trousers to wear for when the mood takes me.

many, many years later i’ve still not found them, but i live in hope. of course i’ve actually seen some trousers i absolutely love (for example these ones on lucy, a fellow colour lover) but they never seem to suit me. i’ve had these for a few years though, so they do the job right when i feel like wearing something different to my norm.

wearing vintage top and white belt
detail of colral-orange top, and triangle necklace
dainty necklaces are my thing, for sure. i’ve seen some fantastic statement necklaces in my time, but i always, always am drawn to dainty and minimal jewelery. saying that, i do like simple necklaces that have a bit of wow to them, too. this lovely one was a sweet extra in a giveaway win of some coasters recently from dowse.

photo of face, wearing glasses and lipstick
coral orange blouse and black jeans
finally found a way to arrange my room so i can take full length photos too! i took this one on a different day, so that’s why my glasses aren’t on and my hair is down. also, feet look so weird, i should have at least worn socks!

top and belt // charity shop
necklace // dowse
jeans // tesco (almost exactly the same)

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