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what i wore – bunny playsuit

oh my, i’m not wearing polka dots! instead, cute a cute bunny pattern! i will very rarely buy ‘new’ clothes, as in straight from a high street shop rather than charity shops & vintage, but sometimes it’s hard to resist if i have a little money spare. i can’t remember when i bought this ..a few months ago perhaps, but as soon as i saw the pattern i knew i had to have it.

do you know of any cute animal pattern clothes? there seems to be a distinct lack of anything other than birds and cats in most shops. not that i’m complaining, i love birds and cats ..but what about all the other lovely animals?

i really want to get into making my own clothes, i have for years now. i know it’s not that difficult and i just have to start really, but i keep making up excuses. i did make a really basic shift dress years ago, but it wasn’t very good. if you’re into making clothes do you have any recommendations for patterns, books, tutorials etc? anything on a beginner level would be best for now.

photo of laura redburn, with red cardigan and bunny playsuit from primark

i love how combining lipstick colours can make something really lovely sometimes. here i used mua lipstick shade 7 which is a slightly coral pink underneath and a tiny bit of collection 2000 volume sensation in ruby red on top to make a reddish pink. i have still yet to find the perfect rosy pink colour. any suggestions?

photo of laura redburn with red cardigan, rabbit playsuit from primark and pink belt
detail of bunny playsuit, pink belt and red cardigan
photo of laura redburn in rabbit playsuit

cardigan // charity shop
playsuit // primark
belt // primark via charity shop

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