what i wore – black skater dress

face and glasses
amethyst necklace
as much as i love being bright and colouful, sometimes i prefer to wear something much more simple that can be dressed up or down as i please. this dress is perfect for that. it’s fitting to my body but super comfortable too and is pretty much my go to dress for a no fuss look.

this necklace is made out of an old clip on earring on a necklace chain. i don’t normally go for costumey jewellery but i saw the earring in a charity shop years ago and i knew it’d look much better as a necklace. i think it does, anyway!

black skater dress

you can’t see it in these photos, but i think i’ve finally found a ‘nude’ lipstick that is basically my lip colour, but enhanced. i’ve been looking for ages, and just happened upon this one whilst browsing one day. i know nude lipstick is generally used to describe a lipstick that is similar to and balances your skin tone, but if i wore something like that i’d look undead considering my fair skin.

still looking for the perfect dusky rose pink lipstick, though. one day it’ll happen, one day.

black skater dress 2

dress // new look
necklace // charity shop

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