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vintage lens and camera wishlist

vintage RMC tokina 2.8 28mm lens
one of the things i read about most online is photography, cameras and lenses, especially what would now be considered vintage lenses – and the results you can get from them on a digital body. i find cameras and photography so fascinating and always love to learn more.

i was so excited about getting the canon 1.8/50mm lens a year or so ago, and despite it being a great lens, the one that’s pretty much always on my camera is an old one, a tokina RMC 2.8/28mm. pretty much every photo on this blog in the past year has been taken using that lens. well, apart from the past couple of weeks where i’ve been using my fuji x10.

i recently rediscovered my helios 44m lens, which i will definitely be using more again when the weather is a bit nicer. you can see examples of it on a canon 650d body on my post about cathays cemetery and this snapshots of my week post.

olympus XA camera
besides the the two vintage lenses i already have, there are a couple others i would love to have. the one i want the most is the carl zeiss jena flektogon 28/2.4. the photos from it look spectacular (both from analogue SLRs and digital ones) and i’ve wanted one for a good few years now. they’re quite readily available on ebay, but just out of my price range at the moment.

as well as this, i love the look/sound of the SMC Takumar 35/3.5 and i’ve read a lot of good things aboout it. not much can compare with a carl zeiss lens, but i would really like one of these too.

the Mir-1B is also on my list ..i don’t know quite as much about it as the others, but i’ve seen some fantastic photos through it and would love to give it a go.

in terms of cameras there’s a few i’d love to have, but the two i want the most are an old analogue one: the olympus trip 35 which i’ve wanted for many years! i’ve rarely seen a bad photo taken with those beauts.

the camera above (an olympus XA) was the first rangefinder i ever had and i absolutely love the photos that come from it. it’s still one of my favourite ever cameras but unfortunately it’s broken at the moment. i have a huge soft spot for rangefinders …which was part of the reason i went for the retro rangefinder-esque x10 for a compact camera. i’ve had a few olympus cameras in my time and olympus cameras will always have a place in my heart.

and digital-wise, a 5D mk iii. with a full frame digi i could make even better use of my beloved vintage lenses because they’d be usable at their full focal length, as well as the advantages that a more professional dSLR can offer over my crop sensor 650d.

ps. i have a post about how to use vintage lenses on a dSLR if that’s of interest to anyone!

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