totally crushin’ on – caitlin shearer

totally crushing on

totally crushin on   caitlin shearer
i have loved the illustrations of caitlin shearer for so many years. i discovered her in my livejournal days (wow, that makes it seem forever ago) and she was such a huge inspiration, and whether she knows it or not, one of the people that got me back into drawing after a LONG time of not doing so.

she has such a recongiseable style, uses colour, pattern and detail in a fantastic way
and is one of my favourite ever artists. she has lately delved into textile design and has made some amazing dress patterns. the biscuits and bunny angels are particular favourites, but i honestly love everything. i’d love to own and wear one one day! that would be a dream come true.

you can buy prints and dresses in her etsy shop.

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