thinking about kittens! #mypetstory

kitten getting ready to pounce

well, more specifially ava when she was a kitten ;)

when asked to recall your favourite pet stories, do you have one that is always guaranteed to entertain? one that’s stood the test of time, or that makes you laugh or think nostagically every time?

to be honest, i couldn’t say i have one specific memory or story about ava that stands tall above the rest. i guess, apart from one. cliche as it is, the first few days that we got her, as well as deciding her name. it was between rita, brenda (after my boyfriends nan), and ava. we couldn’t decide so put the names in a hat ava it was meant to be!

that tiny, cheeky, fluffy, ferocious bundle of energy. with huge absolutely crazy eyes that made us fall instantly in love with her.

whose head was so tiny a small ramekin was too big for her food. who quite literally scaled our walls and never stopped moving. the seemingly rare moments where this tiny little creature would sleep on our laps was wonderful. but my goodness how we loved throwing a bouncy ball down the hallway that she would then dart lighting fast to catch. or endlessly fling around a mouse on a string and stick to try and tire her out a little. never worked! for a tiny kitten she sure could jump high though.

so, those are my longest lasting and probably fondest memories.

kitten peeking cheekily around doorframe

kitten drinking milk from ramekin

but there are so many others. like coming up with different names for her and comparing her to other animals. names include: ava fitzgerald, kitanga, minxen and little chicken. i can’t remember all the animals we’ve compared her to, but the most regular ones are: horse, dog and snake. i’m pretty sure every cat owner at some point has compared their cat to being like a dog! whether you have a cat, dog, or other animal i would LOVE to hear what random names you’ve called it! i find it so interesting and funny hearing what/why/how people come up with these names.

as mentioned in this post, we often like to imagine her in various scenarios. this has been pretty much an ongoing thing since we allowed her to go outsisde. as mentioned in that post, the most commonly recurring one is film director. it’s actually a bit more specific than that, but not sure i want to get into that here ha! be sure to ask me in person if you want though. though not the most traditional fond pet memories, it sure keeps us entertained.

calico tortoiseshell kitten with crazy eyes

i just can’t describe how desperate she was to start going outside, well before she was ready. she’s most definitely an outdoor cat to her core. we decided to wait until we’d gotten her spayed to let her out ‘properly’ but in the meantime we let her have a (heavily supervised) wander around the garden. she was in her element! one thing i wish we’d started doing from an early age, was to get some insurance (such as petplan pet insurance) to help ensure she’d be well protected for further vet visits incase of injury or illness. especially at the one time when she was still very young where she got an awful cut, which very quickly got infected and needed to be seen to and stitched up. of course that meant facing a hefty vets bill, which pet insurance really would have helped with.

honestly i think seeing her so happy outside is a strong part of what helped me love her more. seeing her so happy running and jumping around, chasing after birds and lounging on garage roofs. she’s never been a ‘people cat’ but all these years of spending her time outside has definitely made her a bit more loving with us and more willing to cwtch with us.

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