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eyeball -wellcome collection
if you like things that are weird, curious and a little creepy, the wellcome collection is the place for you! i actually went a couple years ago and took these then, but rediscovered them when sorting through my photos recently. the photos were a little dark and ‘off’ but i managed to save them. i did take loads more but these were the best of the bunch.

body slice - wellcome collection
carved pills - wellcome collection
weird body - wellcome collection
there was a huge mounted piece full of (hundreds?) of intricate hand carved pills. i think they were in the shapes of body parts, but i’m not entirely sure. below that is a weird mishapen/mutated person. on the back of the legs there were sores and such. it was quite gross, but i couldn’t not look. i should warn you, this probably isn’t a place for the squeamish and easily creeped out among you.

map - - wellcome collection
i’d love recommendations for weird places in london and the UK to visit in the future!

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