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the very arty box– £9.99

the very arty box is a recent release from the V&A. i’m quite a fan of their books and this is no change from that. the very arty box is kind of a book in postcard form, and i think this is a fantastic way to engage a younger audience and make it more tactile. there are 52 postcards in total, so you could do something each week of the year, just have a flick through and choose something, or use it to take inspiration and get making.

the ideas and activities include: creative prompts, tutorials on things such as marbling, encouraging doodling and drawing, facts on art history and pieces from the V&A collection.

as this is from the V&A it’s taken influence from their infamous archives and put it into a way that’s engaging and fun. it’s obviously aimed towards a younger audience, but like anything, i believe adults can always take similar amounts of interest and inspiration in products like this, whether you have children or not.

i personally am a huge fan of anything like this that will encourage creativity and learning in young people, and if you have a child that is curious and likes to learn whilst making things, the very arty box would be a fantastic little gift.

the very arty box from the V&A

tips for collecting - the very arty box

activity cards from the very arty box

doodling and colouring postcards

postcards from the very arty box

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