the small things | 8

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roses peeking over wall

– small thoughtful gifts
– when people are truly understanding
– that strange sense of calmness when my room/area is tidy
– feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin

– seeing people being thoughtful and caring towards others less fortunate
– getting whiffs of the scent of my hair the day after washing
– feeling warm, even if that means i have to wear multiple layers and blankets to get there
this grandma
– getting a few nights of actual restful sleep (despite still waking many times – can’t have it all!)
– smelling delicious food – even if i can’t actually eat it
– taking a few minutes to drink some tea in peace
– having ‘good days’ (or the odd hour or two) amongst the bad ones
– small relief from near constant pain
– scoffing an entire chocolate bar. sometimes you just gotta.

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  • Reply anna 03/02/2017 at 12:02

    i like this idea and now have a list of ¨¨small things¨¨ i shall stick to my fridge and hopefully it will inspire me to have a good day. thankyou…

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