the small things | 3

pink and purple hydrangea peeking over wall

to put it bluntly, july was shit in multiple ways and i’m genuinely proud of myself for making my way through it in one piece. life is never easy but it was a real test. i’m a strong person but i very nearly lost the will to live. it’s over now, and i can take a few moments to look back on a few good things. some small, some big. but things that helped me through nonetheless.

– being proud of myself for finally asking for help with depression
– super juicy grapes
– meeting a new person i got on with
– taking photos (always gonna be on my happy list)
– people being truly kind to me
– being kind to others
– a (little) bit of retail therapy
– delicious curry (even though it made me ill – it was totally worth it)
– finding lactose free block cheese that i actually like
– revelling in unexpected nostalgia
– knowing that july is over – it was largely awful and i’m glad to see the back of it
– looking forward to attending a few local events
– winning an amazing competition
– seeing cardiff in a new light
– having a real (but very very small) sense of hope for the first time in a long time

what’s made you happy recently?

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