the small things | 27

Close up of book pages

close up photo of book texture

– making realisations which will hopefully help me progress (very vague, ha!)
– seeing my skin texture improve
– blueberry and lemon cake
– finally buying a proper raincoat
– finding a style of trousers that suits me, and that i feel good in. never thought i’d say that!
– fully realising how much of a better place i’m in compared to last year. but also that i am still healing.
– forcing myself to be ‘brave’ and do things i really don’t want to do.
– being able to wear my favourite boots again
– cutting my fringe back in
– meeting up with friends
– (something i always seem to be doing, and secretly enjoy) sorting through things
– finally remembering and getting the hang of certain work related things

– the thought of finally, hopefully, possibly having a new (to us) comfortable sofa in the near future
– also, the thought of being able to sleep under the duvet again soon
– cooler days, but not cold days
– ‘rediscovering’ favourite lipsticks
– remembering to be kind to myself instead of treating myself poorly
– leek and potato soup
– the smell of freshly air dried clothes
– that whiff of shampoo you get the day after you’ve washed your hair
– brushing my hair with my favourite brush
– hearing ava purr and look so content
– clothes with a really satisfying texture

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