the small things | 26

ice cream photo by ian dooley


– working with lovely people
– reeses peanut butter cups
– not killing a plant i was pretty certain i was going to kill
– not eating foods i shouldn’t eat (for medical reasons) despite being very tempted
– being able to let go of things i’ve held onto for a long time
– multiple days of real, useful productivity and orginisation
– forever decluttering, bit by bit

– visiting my dad
– my pink backpack
– remembering to look after myself/remembering i am worthy of care
– finding and stroking cute cats
– seeing my friends happy
– eating something cold after being out in the heat
– seeing ava lap up water with gusto

– having a small bit of hope that my thinning/balding hair patch may grow back
– making and eating vegetable soup every single week
– my boyfriend making me cake, finding it when i got home from work
– visiting tenby, and the thought of hopefully returning in september
– keeping up with my newsletter and (hopefully) making it better each time
– thinking of ideas for the blog and actually putting them into action
– drinking quite ridiculous amounts of water
– dealing with anxiety better

– cold grass on bare feet
– walking past delicately fragranced flowers
– charity shop finds
– strong breezes in this hot weather
– laying down after a long day
– ava resting her paws on my arms
– watching films i love

– actually remembering peoples names
– laughing at silly things
– bunnies on instagram
– (slightly) revamping the blog design
– the fact that, no matter how bad a day, week, or month might have been, that there’s always things to list in these posts

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