the small things | 24

– discovering new (to me) tv shows to watch
– re-watching old favourites
– seeing shadows on my arms from my straw hat
– trying my best to remember to look after myself
– getting into bed when i’ve put my favourite bed sheets on, fresh and clean
– my rubber plant FINALLY sprouting a new leaf that looks like it might actually stay
– talking about anxiety and feeling understood
– taking some time out to write these posts every month
– a little bit of good news
– seeing my gums heal so well after the extraction last month (no dry socket!)

– that feeling when you’re the perfect warmth
– praline magnums
– my new rainbow top
– bit by bit, getting rid of things i no longer want or need
– the thought of cold home made lemonade
– stroking ava whilst she lounges in the sun outside
– having productive days rather than just productive moments
– restarting my newsletter! (goes out on the first sunday of each month)
– wearing my favourite lipstick after not having done so for a few days
– charity shop finds
– reading through previous versions of these posts

– meeting up with friends
– seeing a few freckles appear
– thinking of fond memories to help myself get to sleep
– stroking my hair when it’s clean and air dried
– figuring out how to fix things
– seeing people on my road walk their dogs (and stroking them if possible)
– when hating my body is a fleeting thought rather than an full blown obsession
– when people are unexpectedly kind

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