the small things | 22

e•mot•ion – i have been listening to it endlessly. see also: nothing’s real by shura.
– simply making it through certain days.
– seeing new leaves on my maranta unfurl.
– trying something new for my rosacea (not sure it’s working, but it’s not making it worse).
– ava being extra cute. she loves this time of year.
– delicious (gluten free obviously) chocolate digestives.
my work being in a book! (!!!)
– feeling urges of creativity again.
– seeing signs of spring.
– keeping an orchid alive.
– finding an adorable heart shaped suitcase.
– beautiful botanical books.
yasumi’s instagram. always.
– getting things done and feeling accomplished.
– hot cocoa.
– feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin (albeit from indoors by a window).
– lighter evenings.

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