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book review: the book of the bird

the book of the bird* – £12.95

a book about birds in art? i’m in!

the book of the bird: birds in art is a soft covered book showcasing birds in art, from traditional botanical pieces to renaissance art, to more contemporary paintings and illustrations. they’re nicely mixed up throughout, which i like because it gives a good sense of variety.

it’s sorted into categories of birds. ravens, owls, songsters etc. at each ‘chapter’ beginning is a little snippet of info, written in a somewhat poetic form, mixing up fonts in a clever and interesting way. it’s nice how they punctuate the book.

painting by susan homer - the book of the bird

illustration by john james audobon - the book of the bird

painting by sarah siltala - the book of the bird

raven painting by juliette bates

'kestrels eat small mammals' - book review: the book of the bird

some of the artists included are: gustave klimt, john james audobon, rossetti and many, many more. throughout the book there are brief biographies on some of the artists, detailing information about the painting or illustration featured. through this i’ve discovered quite a few artists i’d not previously heard of, and it’s nice to learn a little about them too.

if you too are keen on birds in art, perhaps want to discover some new artists or just want a little inspiration i’d definitely recommend giving this book a try.

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