the #abloggers hashtag!

hello you. yes, YOU! are you a blogger? are you an artist or illustrator? do you blog about yours, or others art or illustration? well, read on.

if you’re a regular twitter user, you’ll know that there’s hashtags for lifestyle bloggers (#lbloggers), fashion bloggers (#fbloggers) and the like. but wait ..there’s no hashtag like this for arty bloggers? this must change! and so i introduce …

image for abloggers hashtag the hashtag for artists and illustrators that blog

it’s in the same format as the other hashtags, so it’s easy to remember. so, if you’ve written an arty post, or are a regular arty blogger, please use this hashtag to promote your posts on twitter! i wholeheartedly feel it’s so important to support fellow artists (and humans) in their fight to make the world a more creative place, so i hope we can make this big!

i would love if you could share this post, spread the word everywhere you can, and help make the #abloggers hashtag as big as the others. we can do it!

if you blog about art or illustration, leave your links in a comment so others can see and check you out, and if you’re on twitter, come say hello! i’m @cardboardcities.

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  • Reply Jessica 15/01/2016 at 22:17

    Oh this is great!!! I’ve been looking for a way to find people who blog about their art. Thanks for this! I blog about my art so I’d like to find others who do!

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