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tea themed candle from la juniper

now more than ever i feel the need to be more mindful about relaxation and taking time to get away from things. this year has been a real test and to be fair, as strong as i might think i am, i am falling apart. so, small rituals to keep my mind together are a very helpful practice. in that vein, i thought i’d write about some things i do to relax and take time ‘off’, whether that be for a few minutes or over a longer time.

one simple thing, is, as i’ve mentioned before, tea. making it, drinking it and taking time to just ‘be’ for a bit. chamomile tea is particularly good for this. it’s a good one to drink in the evening to ease you into the right state of mind for sleeping and restfulness. if you’re feeling overly anxious or need a bit of calm, it can be helpful then too. added bonus for candles, sweet treats and something lovely to listen to.

i do enjoy tea in the day time, but in the evening, as you’re winding down for the day, it feels that extra bit more special to me. ritual can be essential for maintaining self care methods, and tea is just as important as any other ritual, i think.

seeds for butterflies and bees

christmas cactus and draecena

another thing i really enjoy is gardening/looking after plants. i definitely see it as a form of self-care, and depending on what plants you have, it’s something you can tend to a few times a week, or give yourself a ‘top up’ as you’re looking after your plants. it’s also reassuring seeing your plants grow and thrive under your care.

muscle cream on taps

having a bath is probably one of the things most people recommend when you need to take a bit of time out. i can’t have my baths too hot as my skin is sensitive, and heat can make me very dizzy and faint. sometimes i like just having water and some nice salts, other times i like something a little more fragrant. candles, balms, scrubs and such are perfect at this time too, as a bit of pampering can be a wonderful distraction if you’re not feeling your best as well as somewhat forcing you to take some time to look after yourself. having a bath in the evening, then hopping straight into a freshly made bed cannot be beaten.

alexander girard book

visual stimulus
reading, writing or looking at things that make you happy. this could be reading a magazine or book. journaling or writing down ideas for whatever is buzzing around in your head. looking at old photos or favourite art books. heck, even browsing pinterest for a bit can take me away from the world when i need a little break.

boyfriend in roath park, cardiff

small white flowers

going for walks/being in nature
one of my all time favourite things to do when i’m stressed, down or just need some time away from things is going for a walk, and in particular, being in and around nature. it helps me unwind and to be in the moment more. i could easily write a whole post just on how much i love doing this.

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