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sweet things: ice cream patterns!

lately i feel like i’m never going to stop making patterns. maybe it’s because i’ve been making them of cakes and doughnuts and ice creams lately and my sweet tooth feels like it has a good thing going. also i think part of it is that i’ve really re-found my love of watercolours. not that that love ever went away, it just ..took a step back. still though, i’ve no plans to give up watercolour painting anytime soon! especially if it involves patterns.

the more patterns i make, the more i want to have them made into prints, but more so gift wrap and fabric. i’ve wanted to do that for a long time but it’s so expensive when you have no money whatsoever. mind you, anything is expensive when you have no money.

long overdue update: if you want to buy products with the main ice cream illustration on, you can do so – scarf, tshirt, stickers, pouch or a print.

watercolour pattern by laura redburn with ice creams and ice lollies

watercolour pattern by laura redburn with mr whippy 99 mint choc chip and strawberry tutti frutti

watercolour painting by laura redburn with mixed ice lollies and ice creams in cones

watercolour pattern by laura redburn with fab lolly, twister and toffee mivvi

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