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even more hydrangeas
// you’re an artist, illustrator or designer and you probably went to college or uni, right? if you did, i can bet you’ll identify with this list of 18 things they never taught you in illustration school. don’t count on an institution to teach or help you learn some of these important things when it comes to freelancing or working in the industry. i guess sometimes you just have to learn the hard way, right?

// really enjoyed reading this post of things i wish i had learned in high school from dr. samantha boardman. i agree with most of the points, and some are definitely easier than others, but all in all, worth it to feel happier and more grateful.

// love this post from zoe london on becoming more positive. something it helped me to read after/during a crappy year so far! sometimes things keep getting worse or going wrong, but they do eventually get better.

// i really want the eames: beautiful details book! i love the encasing box and charles and ray are super inspiring.

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