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sunday spark / 07

// are you a beginner at photography and looking for some photography tips? jeff revell has made an ebook titled from snapshots to great shots, it’s made in reference to the canon 650d, but whatever camera you use, a lot of the info will be very useful if you’re not too camera confident.

// some phenomenal painted typography by pawel norlbert

// if you don’t mind a bit of morbidity, check out these dead animals on beds of flowers by maria ionova-gribina. she says when she and her brother found dead animals they’d bury them on the border of a forest and cover the graves and flowers and stones. i totally get that this sort of thing isn’t for everyone, but i know there’s others out there that will appreciate it.

// want to know some of the most useful sites on the internet? here’s 70. useful in different ways, and probably a few you will bookmark!

// a great, simple list post – 11 reasons to change the way we eat. all very good and valid points.

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