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green bush leaves
// i’m not into tumblr as much as i used to be, but amongst all the stereotypical ones there are some pure gems. when looking for some new ones to follow, i found this list of 90 best tumblr blogs for designers. there goes my day! i’ve found some amazing artists and designers though tumblr over the years.

// thanks to the mighty stumbleupon i uh ..stumbled upon this awesome photo series called ‘processed views’ with landscapes made from food by barbara ciurej & lindsay lochman. such a clever idea! i especially love the fruit loops one.

// i adore this 1940s rose print wrap dress. so, so pretty! on a more modern note, isn’t this surreal botanical print dress cool?

// i may or may not have got terribly distracted by this html5 drawing canvas recently. so simple and fun. which reminds me, have you seen patatap yet? well designed, fun to use and a great way to waste a little time! great for kids and adults alike.

// i’m intrigued by this book, make your own luck by kate moross. i like books that share advice and tips without being preachy, and kates work is wonderfully colourful and graphic, so this is a definite buy from my (ever growing) wishlist.

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