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sunday spark / 04

// if you’re new to blogging, or want some help with some basic html bits, here’s a html cheat sheet. i would have loved something like this all in one place when i was starting out in the early 2000’s! i’d love to learn a bit more about coding, too.

// if you’re stuck for a bit of beauty, how about some stunning double exposures from various photographers? aren’t they amazing? i particularly love the second one in. double and multiple exposure photos possess some sort of magic, i swear.

// an interview with jennifer hill on design sponge. i enjoyed/nodded when she said this – ‘you have time to make your ideas come to life, you don’t have to do it all at once. take your time, don’t rush through things – enjoy them. be really mindful about the decisions that you make.’ ..i couldn’t agree more!

// i really want this dress. and this one. forever swooning over floral print dresses.

// i’m sure if you’ve been on the internet the any time in the past year or so you will have seen this beaut, but everybody needs to (repeatedly) see some maddie on things, right?

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