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// feeling down and need a little pick me up? have an emergency compliment.
// i found this somewhat recently after being frustrated of having to go back and forth to the character map everytime i wanted to use a symbol. those codes are easy to forget! so comes in pretty useful. i like how they’re sorted into sets too. similarly, a quick source for emojis.
// looking for a cute patchwork quilt to make? have a go of this modern ombre triangle quilt. i started making one ages ago, i should finish it!
// i agree with so many points on this article – why you should stop hacking your life and invest in the journey. so many people do expect immediate results with both the big and little things in life and forget that it’s so important if you’re in something for the long run that it’ll be worth so much more to you, and you’ll learn a lot along the way that you can apply to other aspects of your life.
// you totally don’t need some super expensive professional studio full of backdrops, lights and other equipment to take good photos. here’s 5 things to make your own home studio. on a similar line, here’s a post from the lovely holly booth to help you with styling your product photos.

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