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my favourite posts about blogtacular

i couldn’t make it to blogtacular this year (hopefully next time!) so i had to enjoy the experience via other peoples instagrams and tweets. so much colour and inspiration! in the following days/weeks, people blogged about their experience and what they learned, so i wanted to share some of my favourite posts. if you want to read more, there’s plenty on the pinterest board.

// kathryn from kat got the cream shared some of her notes from blogtacular such as the talks from grace bonney and fran stone.

// sarah from littlebeee shares some colourful photos from the photowalk, and some musings on the conference.

// clare of maybush studio tells us some key points from the talks she went to, as well as some personal thoughts/what she took away from the event

// lizzy of song of the stitch included some tips for better, happier blogging based upon what she learned from blogtacular.

// anna from crafting fingers shared with us 10 lessons on creativity learned from blogtacular

// teri from the lovely drawer shared some wonderfully colourful photos from the photowalk!

// the collative shares 5 of her biggest takeaways from the blogtacular conference.

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