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sunday links // 30

close up of red rose

// have you heard of christoph niemann? his illustrations using everyday objects are so clever and fun. so simple, and so witty. really shows that if you think about or see things differently you can make ordinary things wonderful.

// if you like artists like joel penkman and wayne thiebaud you may like gregory poulin, too. his paintings are a bit darker in tone, though. they have this kind of subtle spooky, weird feeling to them that i can’t quite explain.

// i LOVE thereza rowe‘s work. graphic, bold, colourful. you will love her too, promise. she’s also illustrated a book called ‘hearts’ (stylised as ♥♥♥) that you should check out.

// these illustrated gifs by maori sakai are ever so sweet.

// the illustrations of élisa géhin are so fun and colourful!

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