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pencil brooch

// first thing first, if you are a creative …illustrator, artist, writer, whatever… and especially if you’re one struggling to find direction or clarity, you really need to read this post subtitled the step by step process to finding your creative focus by andy j miller (or listen to the podcast) because, honestly, i think it’s so important, and for some people it could even be life changing. seriously, just leave my blog and go read/listen now.

// if you like colourful things arranged neatly, you’ll enjoy these photos from brittany wright. i’m especially fond of the citrus fruits.

// some fantastic and beautiful botanical fashion collages made by diana of miss moss.

// photographs of empty chinese theme parks and recreational spaces by stefano cerio. a strange mixture of spooky and calm, and i love it.

// this childhood eraser collection is so awesome! even though this isn’t my collection it makes me feel so nostalgic. which is your favourite?

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