summer themed arts and crafts

fruit salad pattern by laura redburn - cardboardcities

so, as summer is getting nearer, i thought it’d be cool to do a post sharing some summer themed arts and crafts. it’s a time many of us like to be outside, and sometimes that time lends itself to getting creative if you want to keep yourself occupied with things other than BBQs and sunbathing. personally not one for sunbathing so i like to paint and make things whilst enjoying the lovely weather.

of course, living in britain, there will inevitably be rainy days too and you might just want to make something to distract you. i remember on rainy summer days at my nans we’d make pinwheels and ‘dogs’ (literally a decorated plastic bag with a bit of string tied to it) to play with in the wind. sometimes simple things like this can be so fun, and i always encourage getting creative whenever you can, at whatever age.

if you have any posts with summer themed crafts or creative things to do or make, let me know and i’ll add them in to this list.

summer themed arts and crafts

– how about making some pressed flower pictures? gather some of your favourite flowers and you can look back on your summery finds when the weather cools down. a fantastic memory keeper!

– into knitting or crochet? maybe you could make a picnic blanket or some seat covers if you’ll be spending lots of time outside. you could make it super colourful and integrate some summery imagery into it. some of these knitting patterns are a good start. love this one from kat goldin!

– i made some watercolour patterns a few years ago, so if you’re handy with a paintbrush, you could paint some tasty summer fruits or ice lollies.

– talking of summer fruits, you can make this super cute felt watermelon necklace, you could use a sterling silver chain to add a more adult feel to it. or make it bunting style!

– this floral wreath made with egg cartons would be a fun thing to make with kids.

– you could use this easy DIY decals post as inspiration to make something look cute and flowery, or just cheer up some household goods.

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