stacie swift swap

a little while ago a did a swap with stacie swift, and here’s what i received. the yes print is on my wardrobe at the foot of my bed, so i see it every day as i wake up. i got one of these party animals postcards too but i forgot to take a picture. stacie also as a great blog that you should read!

stacie swift print


i love the yes print so much! long before we did the swap i saw this in her shop and wanted immediately. sometimes it’s hard to remember to be positive and something like this is a simple and good looking reminder.

stacie swift print on blue wardrobe

another good thing about it is that it fits perfectly into the colour scheme of the images on my wardrobe.
the top image on the right door is my original collage ‘umbrage’ which you can buy prints of (and other things) here. the diamond print postcard is from seventy tree and the girl is by rose wong.

pink stacie swift brooch on laura redburn

hello! well now you know what i look like if you’ve not seen me before. pattern mixing as always. this isn’t just a random photo of me, though. you see the brooch? i love it. very much my style and i love the size. looks great with my dress doesn’t it?

stacie swift patterned bunting

and finally some bunting. i’ve never had bunting in the house before. it’s hung below a painting above my bed, and it looks really sweet and homely.

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