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spring fling

i never ever wear dresses this short, but i suddenly realised today that i could just wear my tube skirt underneath, rolled up a bit and i wouldn’t feel so ‘exposed’. can’t believe i only just thought of that! glad i did though as i love this dress and haven’t worn it for ages.

i love the colour and the floral pattern and the sleeves are super cute. kind of like a cap sleeve but with a bit more structure. i cannot stand my upper arms though. they’re the one bit of my body that i really don’t like. i used to be ridiculously self conscious about them and never go out without a cardie or something to cover them up. any tips to target that area with some weight or resistance training?

what i wore today, purple floral dress, red belt, black ribbed tights
what i wore today - close up of vintage red belt and purple floral pattern dress
what i wore today, short floral dress, red belt from charity shop and black top

i love how my relaxed face is so moody looking. i don’t, however, like random strangers shouting at me to tell me to smile. just no. reminds me of this illustration by kris atomic (more on her later in the week!)

silver bracelets from primark

purple floral pattern dress, black ribbed tights on striped rug
close up of floral pattern with light pink and dark pink flowers

dress // charity shop
belt // charity shop
bracelets // primark
tube skirt // river island (very similar here)
tights // peacocks

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