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spring fling | new collages

spring fling pattern pouch

spring fling pattern pouch

some new work, finally! not been creating as much as i want to lately. largely due to financial stress (a mixture of general worry, and spending lots of time looking for/applying for jobs) and being a bit busy trying to do other things. well aware i should make more time to make art, but it’s hard at the moment.

that kind of comes off as making excuses, but you find balance when and where you can, right? things will even out again soon, i think hope.


these are a couple of pieces i’ve made recently. i wanted to make something to celebrate the coming of spring and thought i had to be a bit cliche and go with flowers. they’re both made using entirely my own images, photos that i’ve taken over the years. flowers and nature in general are an endless inspiration to me though, hence why you see them a lot in my work.

always saying to myself that i should use my own photos more in my collages and sometimes they don’t fit or don’t feel right, but that just means i should just integrate them into other collages more. or, well, i think so anyway. trying my best to improve my work (and myself, to be honest) bit by bit. it may take a long time, but the slow path is often the best one to take.

shop the items in this post: pouch | scarf | hardback journal (affiliate links)

if you’d like to commission collage, pattern or gif from me, for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.

spring fling pattern by laura redburn

spring fling pattern scarf

spring fling pattern hardcover notebook

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