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i love brooches. i especially love brooches that are a bit on the ‘quirky’ side, which often end up being vintage or at least a bit on the older side. on my chest of drawers i have a little old jewellery box in which i keep some of my favourites when they’re not on me, like my moon brooch in this outfit post.

i do have quite a few in the little box, but these are my absolute favourites, not including the aforementioned moon brooch. do you have any good sources for some new or handmade brooches that have a similar feel to the ones i already have?

lips, rainbow unicorn, and unicorn in heart brooches

the lips brooch i recently bought, a winged rainbow mane unicorn and some unicorns in a heart. i think they look cute together too!

swan, butterfly and ant brooches
some animal themed brooches; a swan, butterfly and an ant. i really want more insect brooches, like this wasp from karen mabon amongst (many) others.

librarian, handmade unicorn and bow brooches
and finally my old librarian pin, a unicorn from andsmile, and a red bow.

all of these, apart from the librarian and last unicorn, are from charity shops. i’ve found some amazing jewellery in charity shops over the years, and i believe that luck will continue over the years! also, i didn’t realise i have a thing for unicorn brooches ..maybe that’s where the luck comes from, hey? what’s been your best jewellery find?

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