snapshots of my week(s) – 6th january

house sign - emerson

well, i wasn’t expecting my first week of january to be so busy. taking on a few extra shifts, doctors appointments, blood tests, freelance stuff, general admin and some other bits ..okay, none of this has been interesting or blog worthy but i’ve barely stopped this week. next week will be a slower , which i’m glad for. i need some proper time for my mind to ‘decompress’.

saying this, i do plan to get a few blog posts scheduled, finish some work and a couple other things. but, at least i can still do these at my own pace. it’s important, where you can, to rest. you can still ‘hustle’ but you know what a bit of mental and physical rest does? gives you more strength to keep on keeping on.

how was your week?

green door with windows

looking through the railings at gabalfa interchange

metal fence shadows

double yellow lines

flowers inside candle

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