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snapshots of my week – 8th september

this week i saw lots of cats, and took very few photos (other than a few blog ones you’ll see soon). i had a last minute interview (didn’t get the job) and had an excellent charity shop find. i’ve been ill for most of the week, so beyond applying for jobs, replying to emails and doing a little deep cleaning i’ve not been terribly busy.

but i have a couple of plans next week which hopefully will hold up, and i have a little something in the works that, all going well, i’ll share here soon.

so, this post isn’t terribly interesting but i like to share ..well, some snapshots of my week. also, two cute cats. so there you go.

how was your week?

black and white cat

leaves over dark door

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  • Reply Hannah 08/09/2017 at 12:31

    pictures of cats are always the highlight of my week

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