snapshots of my week – 8th december

it’s been a long time since you’ve seen my face here! would anyone be interested if i started doing outfit posts again?

for the most part i’d like to forget this week. it’s been stressful, asthma-ridden, and full of pain.

but there’s been good bits too. wrapping up my boyfriends christmas presents. slowly starting to feel more ‘me’ again after a very testing year, new books, and old books too. being grateful for what i have and putting (very tentative) plans into action, albeit very slowly.

i’m not sure what else to say so i’ll leave it here. weather and energy levels permitting, i might go on a little cardiff day trip next week – so hopefully i’ll have something more interesting to say next week eh? don’t hold your breath.

have a good un!

pink painted rectangle on brick wall

yellow ginko leaves in roath park pleasure gardens, cardiff

distressed painted wall

pink and green leaves

purple berries on sparse plant

accidental photo of bag and ground

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