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snapshots of my week – 7th july

diagonal shadows on blue

my fatigue this week has been ridiculously bad. sometimes i’ll have a short period where i’ll have a little burst of energy, but then i feel even more tired than before. no matter how much i rest physically (and try to, mentally) it doesn’t seem to help and over the week my body has gotten more and more lifeless. there’s been a few times where it physically hurts to even move my fingers let alone do any basic things. even just sitting up and typing this is tiring me out.

early on in the week, when i still had a semi normal amount of energy, i went to roath park to walk around and take photos. so ..that’s what i’m sharing here today. hope you all have an enjoyable (and more energy filled than me) weekend!

rose gardens at roath park

close up of pink roses

reflections of trees in a river

roath park lake

looking over roath park lake

goose on bank next to lake

pigeons on sandy bank

swan and cygnets at roath park

tree stump and cloud

yellow buoy on water


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  • Reply Katia 09/07/2017 at 14:15

    Gorgeous photos! I love love love the one of the swans!

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