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snapshots of my week | 7th april

whilst it’s not been overly good, i can safely say this week has been better than the few preceding it. if nothing else, it’s been overall less stressful, no injuries, no overwhelming fatigue (well, none that lasted more than half a day) and the weather has been lovely. our money situation is still awful and will potentially get worse in the near future, but just for a short while i want to focus on nice, good, positive things.

also …i had some good charity shop finds┬áthis week. always a win in my book!

i’ve been trying to make more approaches lately with blog and other related things. i figure it can only be a good thing to help myself learn new skills, gain confidence and better myself in the art of negotiation, ha! if no one wants to give me a bloody job i may as well try even harder to make a living doing things i love. not easy though, but is life ever easy?

hand holding blossom

stickers on lamppost

pink rose bush

pink blinds through fence

orange tulips and yellow flowers

pink rose bush against blue sky

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