snapshots of my week – 6th october

goody bag items from london graphics centre

i’m sure i had something interesting or of some importance to say, but my mind is like a sieve today so who knows what else i’ve forgotten? it’s hard recalling your week when you can’t even think back to a few hours earlier. whoops. hopefully some sleep will help.

things i do remember:

– it’s definitely beginning to feel more autumnal. i love all the yellows and reds and oranges of leaves. i need to go on a good autumn photo walk. my new (to me) red coat has proven perfect for this weather.

– i met liz again, which is always lovely. she gave me some of her new washi tape – i am full on obsessed with that hand design. we also went for a little walk and saw a heron in roath park! and so many squirrels.

– if you’re a student, now is a perfect time to take advantage of london graphic centre’s 20% online student discount with the code SD17! imagine all the stationery 😍 it’s on until midnight sunday so plenty of time to get stationery shopping! if only i was still a student…those days have long passed though. (i received one of the goody bags as thanks for helping promote this)

– i ate way too many (gluten free obviously) biscuits.

– finally got an angel wing begonia. she’s a beaut.

– stressing a lot over something totally out of my control. then realising this and becoming slightly less stressed. sometimes you take what you can get!

red and orange leaves over trellis

autumnal leaves on bush

heron in roath park, cardiff

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