snapshots of my week – 6th july

Simple flatlay of pink items

hard lines cardiff business card

my brain feels like mush today. just wrote 2 sentences in the title bar, ha! you’ll not be getting anything particularly insightful from me today. weirdly though, have been rather productive this morning. always feels good to get things done.

did you notice i’ve changed the look of the blog? not drastically as you can see. but have made it more user friendly, and hopefully easier/quicker to browse. would love you to let me know what you think!

not much to talk about this week really. going to tenby, a hot day at work and loads of other walking really tired me. although i’ve been pottering about, changing the blog, admin stuff, general life …etc, etc it doesn’t leave much to talk about! next week is going to be stressful for a few reasons, so going to make the most of the rest of this week. the week after i’ll be popping to london to see my dad, which will be nice.

i really feel like i’m beginning to ramble. and definitely not being in any way interesting. so that’s all from me. sometimes i feel like i should just post photos and not say anything. hope you’ve had a lovely week!

sunbathing on my lunch break

beautiful dappled tree shadows on side of building

satisfying book texture in a cardiff library

hoya carnosa plant in retro cadbury chocolate mug

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